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Hemingway stands apart from the other tools in this list for the reason that its goal isn’t to catch misspelled words or grammar mistakes. Instead, it is designed to create your writing clear and“bold,” more like the writing of Ernest Hemingway.

Hemingway will strengthen your writing by assisting you to avoid depending on too many adverbs, slipping into passive voice, being overly wordy, or writing complicated sentences which are hard to read.

Unlike Grammarly or Ginger, Hemingway generally doesn’t make suggestions that are specific. It simply points out problematic areas in your writing and nudges you in direction of stronger alternatives.

Now, to be clear, Hemingway is a tool, not a godmother that is fairy. It won’t magically turn writing that is terrible Ernest Hemingway writing. Plus it’s worth noting that good writing is much more than a set of rules. In fact, the newest Yorker has an excellent piece where it indicates that even Hemingway himself doesn’t always pass the Hemingway test (sometimes the best writing comes from breaking the rules).

However, although this software won’t make your writing perfect, it may make your writing stronger and much more effective, and it’s a tool that is smart have in your arsenal.

Hemingway will not come with any browser extensions. You just copy and paste into the editor that is online which is free, extremely user friendly, and needs no signup or installation.

Admittedly, it is a hassle for extended pieces, so you might want to purchase the desktop app, available for Mac and Windows if you’re writing a book or plan to use this tool frequently.

The app lets you import your writing to Hemingway, perform edits, and then export to text, PDF, or Word. If you’re writing a blog post, the app can also export as HTML or Markdown — and even allows you to publish directly to WordPress or Medium.

Hemingway Summary

Here you will find the main pros and cons of Hemingway when comparing to other best proofreading software on the market. It is possible to read a complete overview of Hemingway over here.

Hemingway Pros:

  • Can help you strengthen your writing style with big picture feedback
  • Desktop app for either Windows or Mac can be purchased for only one payment of $19.99

Hemingway Cons:

  • Does not catch spelling or grammar issues
  • No browser extensions (you have to copy/paste into the editor that is online buy the desktop app)

Price: $19.99 payment that is one-time

ProWritingAid Review

ProWritingAid is, in a variety of ways, a hybrid associated with above tools. It appears to be for grammatical and punctuation mistakes, while also checking for structural issues like repetition, cliches, and too little variety in sentence length.

A editing that is truly powerful, ProWritingAid creates a detailed report for every piece you evaluate in its online editor. As soon as I say detailed, I’m not kidding.

To test it out, I pasted a blog post from my site I chose a write-up where I compare the best meal delivery services for starters person. My goal is always to help singles find an item that really works for them because most delivery that is meal offer no less than two servings per meal.

The report opens with a few big-picture feedback and then switches into greater detail.

As you’ll see from the screenshot, ProWritingAid wasn’t as impressed with my post as I’d hoped.

Then I was showed by it a graph of my sentence length:

Made some humbling comparisons:

And even a provided a listing of my most used words, to help me avoid unnecessary repetition:

In the event your eyes are beginning to glaze over, ProWritingAid is probably not the tool for you (because I’m barely scratching the surface).

Here’s a video that explores, in detail, what’s incorporated into each report.

Currently, ProWritingAid only offers a browser extension for Chrome. So if you’re to locate a spelling and grammar editor to check out you around the internet, this software won’t be as seamless to utilize as Grammarly or Ginger.

However, ProWritingAid does offer a (drumroll please) Google Doc add-on! While you may have noticed in the comparison chart, Grammarly and Ginger aren’t currently appropriate for Google Docs.

The premium version of ProWritingAid is sold with desktop apps for Mac and Windows, which allow you to work offline and are also great for writers involved in Scrivener or Microsoft Office.

For me, ProWritingAid is most effective for writers trying to find detailed feedback on longer pieces such as for example books, blog posts, and academic essays. Using ProWritingAid (at the very least the full editor) for Facebook posts or casual emails may possibly feel like overkill.

ProWritingAid Summary

Listed here are the professionals and cons of ProWritingAid, among the best proofreading software for authors. We did an in-depth review too if you want a complete review of ProWritingAid.

ProWritingAid Pros:

  • Makes it possible to strengthen your writing style with big picture feedback
  • Ideal for catching spelling and errors that are grammar
  • Gives you the most information of the proofreading software that is free
  • Suitable for Google Docs!
  • Offers a one-time-pay option

ProWritingAid Cons:

  • Only offers a Chrome browser extension
  • More complex compared to the other tools — best designed for longer bits of writing such as books, essays, or blog posts
  • If you decide the proofreading application isn’t going to fit the bill, hiring a human proofreader is another option. There’s a legit General Proofreading course and a list of students who’ve taken the course and passed an exam in this listing of proofreading service providers.

    So, that will be the proofreading software that is best for you personally

    There you get it — the results of my search for the proofreading software that is best: Grammarly vs Ginger vs Hemingway vs ProWritingAid. Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses, and authors that are many wish to spend money on more than one.

    I think Grammarly is a great tool for every day life (think emails, Facebook posts, comments on a blog). And it may also help people writing books, blogs, or essays catch spelling and grammar mistakes in their writing — much more than a default text editor.

    I think Ginger is a solid alternative to Grammarly, with a few cool extra features for instance the text reader and translator.

    I believe Hemingway is an extremely cool software for people writing longer or persuasive pieces (books, novels, essays, reports, and perhaps some important emails). A magic wand, using a combination of this tool and your own brain can help you become a stronger writer although Hemingway is by no means.

    I really believe ProWritingAid is a great combo of Grammarly (or Ginger) and Hemingway, offering help in the spelling/grammar level AND big picture feedback for strengthening your writing. It is sold with a one-time payment option, which will help you save cash within the long run.

    And now i wish to hear away from you! Have you tried any of these tools? Which do you consider may be the proofreading software that is best?

    Let me know into the comments. And no pressure, but following the post you simply read, you may expect some friendly ribbing if your comment has any typos. ??

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