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Having a reputation for being dirty is one of the worst things that can happen to a healthcare facility. Nobody wants to go to an unclean place for their medical care. Dirtiness not only communicates a lack of professionalism to patients and customers, but can also create a health risk. On the other hand, cleanliness shows a serious commitment to the health of the patients and customers being served, and a sterile environment is crucial to providing responsible healthcare. Because this issue is so important, healthcare providers should rely on a professional medical cleaning service.

Our professional cleaning process is environmentally friendly, HIPPA compliant, and guaranteed to sterilize and sparkle. As the premier healthcare cleaning service of New York City, we can provide a deep clean to offices, labs, storage spaces, restrooms, and any type of medical equipment that you need cleaned. We pride ourselves on doing a thorough job—check out some of the benefits our commercial cleaning process has to offer.

Deep Floor Cleaning

Having a completely clean floor is imperative for any healthcare facility. Floors are susceptible to a nasty buildup of dirt and grime over even a short period of time. When a floor is dirty, people notice. Moreover, when one area of a floor is dirty, this dirtiness can quickly be tracked into other areas of a building. Our professional representatives can use state-of-the-art floor cleaning equipment to fully clean any type of flooring. Our medical janitorial services can deep clean your flooring from wall to wall.

Are Your Floors Dirty?

Detailed Equipment Cleaning

Keeping equipment clean is also important. Contaminated equipment is a danger to patients and employees alike. Our cleaning service process includes cleaning each piece of equipment with detail and attention. We can fully clean, disinfect, and completely sterilize the equipment that we clean. Our process gets rid of the germs, and leaves equipment sparkling.

We Use All Green Products

We are proud to use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies for all of our jobs. Using these green products is not only better for the environment at large, but is also healthier for the people that come in contact with them. Our green products provide a fresh clean smell rather than the chemical stench of some harsher products. We don’t use chemically toxic or corrosive cleaning products—trust us, you and your customers will appreciate it.

Want to Learn About Going Green?

Our Commercial Cleaning Services are Affordable

When you need extra cleaning help, the additional cost should not be something that holds you back from getting it. We understand that, and strive to provide services that are reasonably priced. Our cleaning service process is highly professional, thorough and comprehensive, but it is also affordable.

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We provide fast, effective, and reliable service. We are also available by telephone 24/7 for emergency cleanup. If you would like to try out our affordable services or would like more information, please contact us today!

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